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Based on in-person training over the last 30 years, we have developed an e-learning series of programs designed for individuals or groups. The main section of this course is the Encapsulation eTraining. This course also includes the Solid Dose Operations Introduction, GMP environment, and Ingredient Receiving videos for free with purchase. Designed to watch and then watched again complete with quizzes and the final exam. The objective is to accelerate the learning process, reduce the learning curve, and put the entire team on the same page.

This E-Training program is 45 minutes long covering two piece encapsulation. It covers the history and methods of making capsules and filling technologies including specific machine types and how they work. This comprehensive program covers the fundamentals and more. Designed for the entire manufacturing team members from top level executives to supervisors, quality teams, engineering, maintenance, tech services and R&D, operators and anyone involved in solid dose manufacturing. Take the test at the end and receive a certificate of completion with a passing grade of 80% or more. This is a team building experience. This program is available for individuals and we offer team packages.